House view through hedge row

Reviews of Abbeyfield Winchester, Hampshire

“I am so glad I made the decision to move to Abbeyfield. My room is delightful, with views across the beautiful grounds and countryside beyond. The staff are endlessly kind and caring. The food is delicious with a varied menu, and there is always something to do socially for those that want to get involved. I am so happy here and grateful for all the care and consideration of the dedicated team.”
Elfrida Bamber

“I am delighted to be here. From my window overlooking the garden and fields beyond it gives me great joy to witness the changing of the seasons from the blossom and fresh greens of spring to the glorious reds and yellows of autumn. There is so much room here, both inside and out. I never feel confined. There is good company, friendly staff and lovely volunteers and best of all, lots of independence.”
Gillian Arthur

“I came to Orchard Close from Devon – aged 87, having lived alone for over 10 years. Being relieved of daily chores and the responsibility of maintaining a house and garden far bigger than I needed, and having company, makes for luxury living! My choice of this Abbeyfield was influenced by the fact that I had worked in Winchester is the 1950s, so I know the area quite well and have friends locally. Now aged 91, and still running a car, which a is a great advantage, I am enjoying this life. I look to the future with optimism as I have observed the care and attention given to all the residents as their independence wanes. For most, this will mean, inevitably, transfer to a residential nursing home. The staff make every effort to help our sponsors find the ‘right’ place for each individual when this becomes necessary.”
Bobbie Primmer

“You reach a time in ones life where you need help in coping due to illness or the aging process. In our case it led us to Abbeyfield here in Twyford. We have been here since 2013 and have made a very happy home in our flat, which over looks lovely gardens. We are well cared for by superb staff and our every need is catered for. We enjoy varied talks and discussion groups which keeps the brain ticking over. We are lucky in still having a car here in the car park for short trips out. So thank you Abbeyfield for looking after us so well.”
Rosemary & Eric Edwards

“I am very happy to be here in a comfortable house with a lovely garden and surroundings. We also have a friendly, helpful and caring staff. Altogether, I realise my good fortune and I hope to remain here.”
Jo Catmull

Taster stays at Abbeyfield Winchester

If we have vacant rooms, we are happy to offer temporary accommodation for taster or respite purposes. Providing dependency is not too great, this can include post-operative convalescence. We are a reassuring half-way house for older people, between discharge from hospital and returning to their own home – at an affordable rate. If you would like to talk to one of the team at Winchester to discuss this option, please call 01962 711785 or complete the contact us form.